Hard Maple

A light reddish brown wood with a golden hue and a straight grain. A magnifcant wood to add style and elegance.

Sample: $ 3.00

Maximum order of 3 samples per color.

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  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Sanitary – food safe
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • High end furniture grade
  • Completely customizable
  • Warm and natural
  • Lifetime Warranty on seams

  • Eased

  • Bullnose

  • Ogee

  • Top and Bottom Bevel

  • Roundover

  • Bevel

  • Classic Ogee

  • Double Radius

Edge images should be used for reference only as actual shape and availability may vary by market. Please see your Lowe's kitchen specialist for more information.

Can I cut on an allen + roth™ wood countertop?

It is resistant to scratches, and any cut marks can easily be sanded out and re-oiled. However, it is always recommended that a cutting board be used.

Can bacteria get into the allen + roth™ wood countertop?

Wood countertops are less porous that natural stone, so they inherently repel bacteria. allen + roth™ wood countertops are also protected by tung-oil finish, which helps keep bacteria out.

Are allen + roth™ wood countertops easy to maintain?

allen + roth™ wood countertops are easy to care for. Tops can be wiped down with warm soap and water and then disinfected with a vinegar based cleaner. Ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.

How does the finish on a allen + roth™ wood  countertop compare with others?

allen + roth™ wood countertops are finished with an organic tung oil varnish. This penetrating organic oil dries making our tops waterproof and stain resistant with proper maintenance. Water rings will not form and spills will bead and evaporate.

Other finishes such as linseed oil and wax have to be reapplied often leaving residue and do not resist stains. Film finishes, such as polyurethane and conversion varnish, are not organic and do not penetrate the wood so once they are damaged they subject the top to moisture penetration and must be completely stripped prior to refinishing.

Can a sink be put in an allen + roth™ wood countertop?

Yes, sinks can be put in an allen + roth™ wood countertop because it has been finished with a penetrating waterproof oil.

Are there any eco-friendly options for allen + roth™ wood countertops?

Bamboo is a green product that is LEED certified. In addition, allen + roth™ wood  countertops offer several reclaimed wood options and many wood species that come from sustainably managed forests in North American hard wood forests.

Routine Cleaning

allen + roth™ wood countertops are cleaned and disinfected with a 20% white vinegar and water solution. Cleaners containing ammonia should not be used. No ammonia soap or bleach can be used to remove food. A kitchen sponge should be used to clean hard to remove food.

Preventing Damages

Normal use should not cause scratches. Sliding objects on the countertops that have a rough, unfinished surface, such as ceramic pieces with unglazed bottoms, will scratch the finish. Small, "cobweb" scratches can be removed by re-oiling the top. Deeper scratches can be removed when the top is re-oiled by using a fine sandpaper or non-woven abrasive such as scotch brite and then re-oiled (as detailed in care and maintenance instructions).

allen + roth™ countertops will resist all known food based products, such as wine, coffee, tea, juices, jams and jellies, cooking oil, etc. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible. Food stuff that is dry can be removed with a vinegar solution and a kitchen sponge (the abrasive side can be used with care). Ammonia-based products and bleach should not be used.

allen + roth™ countertops are water-resistant, and if maintained, will not allow water rings to form. While there is no need to avoid water getting on the top, it is recommended that standing water be wiped up as soon as possible.

It is recommended that hot pans should be placed on heat trivets and as an option allen + roth™ does offer heat safe set down rods.

allen + roth wood countertops come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for manufacturing defects. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage from heat, electrical, plumbing and/or installation which are incidental to removing and replacing a countertop. It also does not cover other various damages caused by consumer. For more details on the manufacturer’s warranty, please speak to a Lowe’s kitchen specialist.