Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect countertop, be sure to ask your Lowe’s Kitchen Designer or Fabricator about the perfect finishing touches to help maintain its beauty.


Prone to dropping things as you wash dishes?

Does your culinary prowess necessitate the cleaning of heavy pots and pans often? Are you concerned you might accidentally drop a cast iron pot on the edge of your sink and chip your beautiful new Quartz or Natural Stone countertop? Well, set your mind at ease and get the Chip Minimizer. A slightly rounded edge along the inside of your sink cutout, the Chip Minimizer has been proven to reduce chipping due to impact while adding a beautiful finish edge to the sink cutout.


Help strengthen your countertop overhang.

Extended countertop overhangs are fantastic for entertaining or for family togetherness. Support brackets may be required for overhangs 6” or greater dependent upon material or location and are at the discretion of your fabricator. They provide key support, keeping your stylish countertop functional for years to come.


Busy Kitchen?

Do you have a lot of people in and out of your kitchen? Want to make sure you don’t bruise your hip on a sharp corner? These rounded corners lessen the blow if anyone were to accidently run into them. Practical and beautiful, safety corners will give you added peace of mind.


Envision your countertop before it’s fabricated.

Would you like to see how your countertop is going to look in your home before it is installed? Our fabricators can create a virtual layout and plan the most stunning use of your slab. If you picked a color with a lot of directional movement, this is a great tool to help ensure the veins and patterns flow correctly across all pieces.


Need a functioning kitchen during your remodel?

Living through a small remodel or a big renovation of your kitchen can be challenging. We can make it a breeze for you with a temporary sink. You won’t have to go without one while your countertop is being carefully crafted.