Before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is certainly not a small job, and people who are looking to remodel can find that it's difficult to fit it around other things in their life. In this guide, we’re exploring the best time to remodel the kitchen, and whether there are seasonal considerations to think about. Or is it just a case of personal preference?

People should take time to plan out their kitchen remodel. When you have a well thought out plan, you can have less disruptions and bundle jobs together, potentially even saving money! You can get plumbing jobs and even air conditioning services done at the same time, so you only have one time where things are awry in your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your appliancesrefinishing your cabinets or rearranging your kitchen layout ... these may be projects you want to consider bundling together.

Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is not something you can just do on a whim. To avoid dragging project timelines or costly mistakes, you need to do some planning. For example, if you are wanting new floors in your kitchen, it's good to plan the floors as the last project so as you are getting cabinets and countertops installed, there aren’t installers walking all over your new floors.

Consider the product lead times also. Special order products generally take longer to arrive, so make sure you place those orders well in advance to avoid any delays to your project. 

Find Some Time in Your Schedule

There is no single best time for kitchen installation, but you need to think about what works with your own schedule. For example, if you have kids on summer break, this might not be the best time to have renovations done, or if you know there are some family members coming to stay, or that you will be on vacation … the list goes on. The key is choosing a timeframe when you won’t be too distracted with work deadlines and can spare not using your kitchen as much. On a positive side, it will be a great time to plan for some takeout meals or eating out with friends.

It’s also important to ask the schedule of the contractors or install companies you’re working with on your project to ensure there is alignment on convenient dates.

What Season is Best for Kitchen Remodeling?

Is there a specific season that you should look to get work done in your kitchen? It partially depends on what you're looking to get done. The work you need carried out will sometimes inform the decisions. However, if you are going to have doors and windows open, and workers coming in and out all the time, the winter is not ideal.

That said, most of the work for a kitchen remodel is carried out indoors, so it isn’t like getting your house exterior painted or a similar task. Some household maintenance really relies on the weather, but a kitchen remodel doesn’t matter so much (unless you’re creating an outdoor kitchen of course). Summer, or at least a dry period, is ideal, but not essential.

Fall is another popular time to start remodeling your kitchen. It’s sometimes easier to find a contractor in this period of the year and usually their schedule is more flexible. Another reason to start remodeling in the fall is because this is the time when retailers clear out their current stocks before bringing in new models for the next year. Just make sure you don’t wait too long or you’ll run up on the holidays.

Bottom Line

Researching the best time to remodel a kitchen is the right thing to do. However, it’s impossible to choose the exact right time to get a new kitchen. You'll know when your kitchen is becoming a bit tired and needs some work, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into anything. Having a well thought out plan in place is important.

Consider your own schedule, when you will be free, when the weather is likely to allow for the work to be done quicker, and whether any events might get in the way. It’s hard to juggle work, other commitments, and the work being carried out in your home. On top of that, you need to work with the professionals availability. If you can, buy the materials when they’re the least expensive, and pick a time that suits your family best before you start the work.

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