Composition / Production

allen + roth™ Solid Surface

ISO 9001 Certification Yes
ISO 14001 Certification Yes
Water Absorption Coefficient, 24 hrs 0.003% (0.5" thick)
Hardness Test, Rockwell M Scale 92
Hardness Test, Barcol Compressor 63
Izod Impact Strength, ft-lbs/in of notch 0.26
Tensile Strength, psi 6,500
Tensile Modulus, psi 1.4x106
Ball Drop, 0.5 lb. steel ball >125"
Flexural Strength, psi 10,000
Flexural Elastic Modulus, psi 1.3x106
Elongation 0.73%
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (oC) 3.5x10-5
Weatherability, 1,000 hrs No change
Color Stability, 200 hrs No change
Thermal Resistance No change
Boiling Water Resistance No change
Stain Resistance Pass rating 41
Food Zone Acceptability Accepted/listed
Fungal/Bacterial Resistance No growth
Specific Gravity - Solid Colors 1.74
Specific Gravity - Textured Colors 1.69
Flammability Class 1
Flame Spread 0-25
Smoke Density < 25
Radiant Heat Resistance No visual effect
Wear and Cleanability Pass