Can I cut on an allen + roth™ wood countertop?

It is resistant to scratches, and any cut marks can easily be sanded out and re-oiled. However, it is always recommended that a cutting board be used.

Can bacteria get into the allen + roth™ wood countertop?

Wood countertops are less porous that natural stone, so they inherently repel bacteria. allen + roth™ wood countertops are also protected by tung-oil finish, which helps keep bacteria out.

Are allen + roth™ wood countertops easy to maintain?

allen + roth™ wood countertops are easy to care for. Tops can be wiped down with warm soap and water and then disinfected with a vinegar based cleaner. Ammonia based cleaners are not recommended.

How does the finish on a allen + roth™ wood  countertop compare with others?

allen + roth™ wood countertops are finished with an organic tung oil varnish. This penetrating organic oil dries making our tops waterproof and stain resistant with proper maintenance. Water rings will not form and spills will bead and evaporate.

Other finishes such as linseed oil and wax have to be reapplied often leaving residue and do not resist stains. Film finishes, such as polyurethane and conversion varnish, are not organic and do not penetrate the wood so once they are damaged they subject the top to moisture penetration and must be completely stripped prior to refinishing.

Can a sink be put in an allen + roth™ wood countertop?

Yes, sinks can be put in an allen + roth™ wood countertop because it has been finished with a penetrating waterproof oil.

Are there any eco-friendly options for allen + roth™ wood countertops?

Bamboo is a green product that is LEED certified. In addition, allen + roth™ wood  countertops offer several reclaimed wood options and many wood species that come from sustainably managed forests in North American hard wood forests.