What is DuraLosa™ Sinterted Stone?

DuraLosa™ is made up of natural materials including clay, feldspar and other natural minerals and pigments. The manufacturing process applies 5,000PSI of pressure at 2200F degrees which sinters and fuses the particles together.

What are the advantages of DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface countertops?

A high performing surface, DuraLosa™ is non-porous preventing unwelcome germs, bacteria and mildew. It does not require sealing, conditioning or polishing and is highly scratch, stain, heat, impact and water resistant. DuraLosa™ is 100% eco-friendly and is UV resistant.

What DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface products are available?

Each DuraLosa™ slab is fabricated into a variety of design applications. DuraLosa™ is available in 12mm (1.2cm) thickness and comes in a slab size of 125”x59”.

How do I care for my DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone surface countertop?

Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface. Clean your DuraLosa™ countertop daily if necessary. DuraLosa™ countertops can be washed with warm water to which a detergent can be added, used in the dose recommended by the manufacturer. Rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth or similar. Any liquid spills, fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be wiped up and cleaned with soap and water.

Is DuraLosa™ Sintered Stone scratch resistant?

Because DuraLosa™ is made up of natural materials and is manufactured using extreme heat and pressure, the surface is highly scratch and impact resistant. However, as with any surface, sudden impact, excessive force/pressure, or misuse can damage the stone surface.

Can you cut directly on the DuraLosa™ countertop?

Although DuraLosa™ is highly resistant to scratches, it is always recommended to use a cutting board to prevent any dulling of the surface or your knives. Using a cutting board will also prevent metal knife stains on the countertop surface.

Can hot plates and pans be placed directly on the DuraLosa™ countertop?

While DuraLosa™ sintered stone can withstand heat, we still recommend the use of hot pads or trivets when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock-pots, or toaster ovens. Prolonged exposure to heat can damage your DuraLosa™ countertop, and such damage is not covered by warranty.

Is DuraLosa™ color consistent?

DuraLosa™ sintered stone is made using natural materials and variences in color, pattern and shade are common and normal, as they are in other stone products. The 15-year warranty does not cover color variance and the DuraLosa™ countertop will not be replaced for these unique, inherent traits.

Will my DuraLosa™ countertop have seams?

DuraLosa™ is not a seamless product; seams are generally visible. Inspection for color coordination across seams and multiple pieces is strongly recommended. The exact number of seams in a countertop will depend on the shape of the countertop and whether or not you specifically request fewer or no seams. Seam placement is at the discretion of the fabricator. Please note that requests for fewer or no seams will increase the square footage units that must be purchased, thereby increasing the price. Our DuraLosa™ certified fabricator installer can show you where seams will be placed on your countertop.

Will the small sample piece I have match my countertop once it’s installed?

Variance in color, shade and pattern is an inherent trait expected of the Sintered Stone product. Samples are cut from large DuraLosa™ stone slabs and only represent a limited portion of the actual stone. Please refer to samples only as a general indication of a particular color’s design pattern, aesthetics, and hue. Samples are not guaranteed to be an exact replica of DuraLosa™ slabs and may vary from the actual, installed product.

Will dark colors require more maintenance?

All dark colors of any Sintered Stone material require more maintenance. Under ordinary use darker colors will show dirt, dust, rubs, fingerprints, and watermarks more readily than lighter colors patterns. Naturally these colors require more care to maintain their appearance.

Can I place food directly on my DuraLosa™ countertop?

Yes, given that it is non-porous, DuraLosa countertops are very hygienic as it avoids fungus or other bacteria.

What does my DuraLosa™ Limited Lifetime Warranty cover?

THESIZE warrants to the original end user - purchaser/owner in the U.S., that its DuraLosa porcelain sheet defects under normal conditions of use and service. This warranty will apply to the repair or replacement of failed product that has been permanently installed in the owner(s) residence. THESIZE obligation to repair or replace shall furthermore be limited to the repair or replacement with colors, styles and finishes of products which are available at the time of repair or replacement. The option to repair or replace product failures due to manufacturing defects shall be exercised at the exclusive discretion of THE SIZE.

The 15-year Limited Warranty is not transferable and only applies to the DuraLosa products for interiors and exteriors, in residential applications in the U.S. This warranty is void unless the product has been paid in full. In accordance with this 15-year Limited Warranty, the authorized agents of THESIZE shall be granted sufficient opportunity and time to inspect the product, and also assess and respond to any claims. All decisions concerning the existence of manufacturing defects in the DuraLosa porcelain sheet used in the fabrication of the DuraLosa countertops and sinks shall be made by THESIZE and shall be final and binding for all parties.